I'm a life long Maine resident who grew up in Freeport, where I began painting with a serious passion at age 10. I'm a 1980 BFA graduate of Maine College of Art (then Portland School of Art), majoring in painting. In addition to my work in oil and watercolor, I've done sign painting, decoy painting, screen printing, woodworking, illustrating and picture frame restoration.


I've taught painting privately, through community education programs and I've assisted in painting workshops with fellow Maine College of Art graduate, Michael Vermette. My art has been featured in many exhibits and art auctions over the years. These include the Freeport Art Club Summer Show, the Maine Art Gallery show in Wiscasset (where I was recognized with a juror's choice award in 2006), the Maine College of Art Auction and solo exhibits at the Freeport Library and the Owl’s Head Transportation Museum. Illustrating projects have included drawings for a 3 volume manual on radiation therapy and 2 children's books about the adventures of a fire jeep. Picture frame restoration is a field that suits my careful, meticulous working method.


I've painted vintage airplanes for many years (a special interest of mine). Earning my pilot’s license in 2000 was a major part of the progression of my airplane passion. The scenery of Monhegan Island, Mt. Katahdin and the Brunswick/mid coast area have also been favorite subjects. Whatever I paint, I strive for a sense of light and unified color in my work. A lot of my inspiration comes from the old masters, particularly of the 17th century and early 20th century work such as the Ash Can School. In that vein, my style is a painterly realism. Water appears in my work very frequently, whether it be ocean, lakes, rivers, etc. I'm fascinated by how wet a place Maine is. When you think about it, where ever you are here, there's bound to be water some place nearby. Having grown up in the state, I hadn't really thought about it consciously until recently. Water in one form or another has just appeared in my paintings because it's such an integral part of our corner of the world. So, water has also been an on-going  theme of my work sort of by default.